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OKS Spezialschmierstoffe GmbH

展位号: N301-A1


For 35 years OKS Spezialschmierstoffe GmbH has been active as a lubrication specialist operating worldwide. Through its dealer network, OKS reaches both commercial users and industrial customers. OKS trade partners ensure excellent support for customers locally. Longevity and cost efficiency of OKS lubricants are guaranteed thanks to a modern product spectrum. OKS produces about 150 standardised, high-performance products to reduce friction, wear and corrosion. The main field of use for OKS speciality lubricants and maintenance products is industrial maintenance, repair and operations. The products developed by OKS engineers and technicians are produced at the company’s site under strict quality and environmental requirements. From this site, located in the vicinity of Munich, Germany worldwide distribution of OKS products is also carried out. Since 2003 OKS Spezialschmierstoffe GmbH is owned by Freudenberg Chemical Specialities SE & Co. KG, part of the Freudenberg group of companies.


The OKS product portfolio includes “chemo-technical products for industrial maintenance and repair operations” and “speciality lubricants” such as pastes, oils, greases corrosion protection products, dry lubricants, maintenance products, cleaners and welding agents to be applied in manufacturing, processing and plant engineering industries. The OKS product range provides plant engineers, equipment operators, craftsmen, maintenance professionals and processing engineers with the products they need for cleaning, degreasing and protection of surfaces against abrasion, wear and corrosion. OKS products are designed to meet the requirements of specific industries e.g. the food processing industry. OKS products reduce assembly times, make disassembly easier, increase the service life of components, extend the maintenance cycles of plant and machinery, etc.



用于在正常条件下使用的滚动轴承和滑动轴承、丝杆和滑轨等机器零部件。出色的抗压和耐水性. 耐老化和氧化。 多用途润滑脂。

使用温度: -30℃ -> +120℃
NLGI 等级: 2
DN 值 (dm x n): 500,000 mm/min
基础油粘度 (40℃ 时): 100 mm²/s
四球测试 (焊合负载): 2,000 N

OKS 1361 硅脱模剂

OKS 1361 硅脱模剂

用于塑料加工的脱模剂和润滑剂。 化学性质为中性。没有溶剂。无色。能够置换水。为安装橡胶型材提供方便。 润滑切削刃。 保养和浸渍塑料表面和纺织品。

OKS 3751 含 PTFE (聚四氟乙烯)的粘附性润滑剂

OKS 3751 含 PTFE (聚四氟乙烯)的粘附性润滑剂

含聚四氟乙烯的润滑油。 由于耐高温和具有氧化稳定性,所以操作时间长。 具有出色的防磨损性。 高压吸收能力。 良好的粘附性。 耐蒸汽、碱和酸性消毒剂以及清洗剂。 无色、无味。

使用温度: -35℃ -> +135℃
密度(20°C时): 0.87 g/ml
粘度(40°C时): 110 mm²/s
四球测试 (焊合负载): 2,600 N


OKS Spezialschmierstoffe GmbH
Ganghoferstr. 47
82216 Maisach

电话: +49 8142 3051500
传真: +49 8142 3051599

Joachim Scheuring
Export Manager
电话: +49 8142 3051548

Freudenberg Management Co. Ltd.
720 Pudong Avenue, RM 20
200120 Shanghai
P.R. China

电话: +86 5036 5019

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