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Innovative DHL multimodal solutions leverage Belt and Road to give businesses faster time to markets

1. New service launch coincides with DHL “Belt and Road” Delphi Dialog which discusses impact and business prospects of initiative;
2. New Japan-Germany, Chengdu-Istanbul and Vietnam-China-Europe services make use of Belt and Road infrastructure for cargo delivery in 14-22 days;

DHL launched a further three new multimodal services on 2 Sept. 2016:
• Sea & Rail service: A Less-than-Container Load (LCL) service between Japan and Germany which allows businesses to export low-volume shipments for as little as half the cost of standard air freight. With a transit time of about 22 days, shipments are moved from Kobe to Taicang via sea, and by rail to Hamburg through hubs like Duisburg, Lodz, Malaszewicze and Warsaw.
• Road & Rail service: The Vietnam-Europe service takes Full Container Load (FCL) cargo from Hanoi to Chengdu via road, followed by rail to hubs like Lodz, Duisburg and Hamburg in Europe, arriving in 21 days. An LCL option for the Vietnam-Europe service will commence in Q4 2016.
• Rail, Road & Sea: Further boosting our Southern rail corridor offering announced last year, the new Chengdu-Istanbul service traverses three Central Asian countries – Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Georgia – as well as two sea transit segments before arriving at Istanbul in 14 days.

The three new services build on a series of major DHL investments in the last 12 months, including a multimodal service between Japan and Warsaw via Suzhou announced in November 2015; and an MOU signed in May 2016 with Chengdu’s Gateway Logistics Office to upgrade infrastructure and customs processes. DHL has been developing multimodal services along the Belt and Road since 2010, when it launched a suite of five services – International Rail, Rail-Air; Sea/River-Rail; Sea-Air and Cross-Border Road Freight.

Exhibitor: DHL Global Forwarding (China) Co., Ltd.

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